Bottega Louie—One of our Favorite Fancy Brunch Spots

Okay, guys.

You know when you’re getting ready to go out to brunch at a new place…you’re expecting it to be cute, because it’s brunch, and doesn’t the word just make it cute? Anyways, you’re getting dressed and already thinking about the waffle you’ve been dying to order because it’s the weekend and carbs/calories no longer matter. You get to this place, and you’re immediately so awestruck with how gorgeous it is that you completely forget about the waffle with the perfect amount of syrup in every square!!


That’s Bottega Louie. Even the doors to enter the restaurant are pretty. It’s like they’re letting you know you’re entering sacred space. For my stylist heart, it’s aesthetic heaven. Beautiful marble floors, gorgeous lighting, gold and white everything, lots of open space, macaroons organized by color scheme…all signs point to love.


I mean, come on! Even their menus are pretty!
I mean, come on! Even their menus are pretty!

And occasionally when I’m in such a pretty place, I figure the food isn’t going to be that great. Like, they have to have a catch somewhere, right? It can’t be just everything my dreams are made of in one place, can it? Well, I was definitely wrong. Their brunch menu was absolutely to die for, and not bad in price either… around $10-$15 a plate! My girlfriends and I started off with coffee and beignets that were served with a deeeeelish raspberry compote. And, for anyone who’s never had a beignet, it’s basically a funnel cake that you can have for breakfast cause it’s called a beignet. So fabulous. #beignetsfordays



After we had all come to the conclusion that we might order more beignets to take home with us, we ordered our actual brunch. I chose the poached eggs, and it was one of the best choices I’ve ever made in life. Everything tasted incredibly fresh. The portions were big enough so you actually left full, but small enough to make you feel as dainty as everything around you looked. And to top it off, the service was incredible. I was definitely not sorry I had to reschedule my date with the waffle.

They also go beyond brunch here! They serve weekday breakfast, lunch, and turn down their lights and transform their bright & airy morning feel to a more romantic, chic atmosphere when they serve dinner and cocktails! And once more, some of the most beautiful pastries and desserts you’ll ever lay eyes on.



This place gives off sort of a New York & L.A. vibe. Very hip, chic, but also laid back and comfortable. If Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf (all my Gossip Girl fans say heyyyyy!) would brunch anywhere in Los Angeles, it would absolutely be Bottega Louie. Jenna and I plan on becoming frequent visitors.

You can check out the full menu for Bottega Louie here!

Trust me, you will NOT be sorry!

Peace, Love, & Beignets,




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