Girly Garb–Coffee Dates <3



So, you’ve probably discovered by now that we’re OBSESSED with coffee shops (or maybe just caffeine in general…all my caffeine addicts say holla!). Seriously, going out to a cute, new spot we’ve never been before, ordering something off of a fresh new menu, and sitting down to plan out our next week’s work. It’s so refreshing and relaxing at the same time.

Last week, Jenna suggested we try a spot called Elderberries in West Hollywood, and it automatically made me (Cortney) think of the movie Monty Python, so duh, I was in. This little place is so hidden that I could’ve walked past it a thousand times and never known it was there. But holy cute! 




This place was channeling some major hippie vibes, which definitely made our California hearts happy. ❤

It’s also completely vegan! Neither of us are, but it’s so lovely knowing that Los Angeles has all these choices. We both ordered lattes (I got their almond latte it was perfection!), and in the name of branching out, I tried one of their made-in-house vegan banana-chocolate chip muffins, and if everything vegan tasted that good, I may actually consider taking it up. 😉

Both Jenna’s and my casual style naturally leans more towards the grunge/hippy side of things for the most part. Baggy shirts, boots, messy hair, etc.



Jenna’s wearing: Plaid tunic-Anthropologie/Boots-Big Buddha/Bag-Big Buddha/Watch-Forever 21/Lipstick- Mac Pink Plaid.



IMG_5423I’m wearing: Backless Tee-Forever 21 (old)/ Jeans- Gap; Boots- Target (aka the promised land)/ Fringe bag-Target (seriously, the promised land)/ Lip Balm: NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick (cause duh, hippie chic everyday).



Love & Lipstick

Cort ❤


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