LA Love: Grafitti Walls

IMG_6839 IMG_6837  IMG_6831

Hey y’all!

When Cort and I first became friends…the more we talked, we found out that we both have a strong affinity for exploring: hidden gems, nooks and crannies, sketchy-looking places (that are actually totally beautiful) etc. And also a MAJOR love for LA street art.  One of our first outings was literally just walking around West Hollywood sipping coffee (always) and finding street art. You could say we’ve become pretty obsessed. We’ve only scratched the surface of all the incredible graffiti here… Here’s our faves so far!

IMG_6827 IMG_6825 IMG_6824 IMG_4152 IMG_7137 IMG_7139IMG_5436IMG_5059


*Bonus! Betcha can’t find all of these places. 😉

If you do, tag us! @AWhimsyWonderland

Love & Lollipops



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