Girly Garb: Silverlake Edition


Magical rainbow staircases, deliciously hip coffee shops, solid color walls (my personal fave and photography hack ;), wonderful vintage shops, and quirky, creative everything…… that is Silverlake. Aka hipster mecca. This is our favorite place to escape to…and dream about owning a house!



[Cort’s wearing: shirt- thrifted, scarf- forever 21 (similar style here), jeans- h&m]

[Jen’s wearing: shirt- free people, necklace- (old, but this is cute too!), leggings- american apparel)


Cort and I were way too into our drinks (iced chai for her, herbal tea for me), that I almost forgot to get a snap of it! Because…did you really visit a coffee shop if you didn’t document it? Intelligentsia is no joke. Seriously go if you get a chance!!


I’m SUCH a sucker for record stores. Something about the old, simpler way of life is so attractive to me. I’m constantly growing my record collection, and absolutely have to stop in every vinyl store I come across. It makes me happy just going in and thumbing through the old, smelly records. ❤


This may be my favorite street art so far. I mean, how lovely is this?! It’s pretty to look at, and makes you think about the person you love most. Isn’t love wonderful? 🙂

I strongly encourage you to go out and find something new about your city. Explore a part of it that you’ve never been before…or revisit your favorite place and discover something new about it. Life is as colorful and beautiful as you make it. Why not live in a rainbow?!

Love & laughter,



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