5 Tips for a more peaceful morning



I am NOT a morning person.

I love the idea of being a morning person…getting up early with the birds, reading the newspaper or a book, being productive and finished with errands by noon…etc. Sounds lovely. But in real life, the morning struggle is all too real, and coffee is all too necessary. Where my fellow caffeine fiends at?





So I’m here today to share 5 simple tips to help start your day off right!


TIP 1: Get up earlier

That’s right. Earlier. “But I thought you said you weren’t a morning person? Why wouldn’t you sleep as long as you can?” Great question! For this reason: I hate being rushed in the morning. It takes me a little bit to come out of my zombie-like slumber. Easing into the day is much nicer than scrambling around because you hit snooze 6 times (guilty).

Get up 30 minutes earlier. Have your coffee. Catch up on your IG feed. Open the windows. Listen to the birds. Take some deep breaths. Don’t you feel better already?


TIP 2: Take a walk

A walk, not a jog, not a hike, not a Crossfit class, not a pilates mania video. (I mean, if that’s your thing, more power to ya! But I’m specifically speaking to my fellow morning haters).

Take a short stroll around your neighborhood while your coffee is brewing. It helps wake you up and you’ll get some fresh air in your lungs. And for some reason, walking around in the quiet of the morning makes me appreciate where I live and the beauty around me even more. Dwell on gratitude and lovely things. 🙂


TIP 3: Plan tomorrow’s outfit tonight

So simple, yet so overlooked. Approximately how long in the morning does it take to get dressed? Some (lucky) days, a few minutes. But we all know about those WHY DO I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR IN THIS FULL CLOSET days that happen too frequently.

Set out the basics of what you want to wear. You can add accessories in the morning! Crisis averted.


TIP 4: Music

I started listening to the Ella Fitzgerald Pandora station about a year ago, and now it’s a morning ritual. You just can’t be in a bad mood while listening to magical jazz melodies fill the room!

Instead of turning on the TV, try a relaxing morning playlist. It will calm your mind and make you feel like you’re in control of the day.


TIP 5: Meditate for 3-5 minutes

Now, if you’ve never meditated, this might feel completely unnatural. But hear me out. Starting your day by pausing and reflecting on the bigger picture will build your power, and help you feel calm, cool, and collected. You’ve got this. Things are under control!

Think of one, or a few, things that you want more of in your life. (i.e. confidence, grace, love, forgiveness, patience). Set a timer on your phone for 3-5 minutes. Sit or lay comfortably. Close your eyes. Breathe intentionally. Inhale your that which you desire to have more of, exhale that which no longer serves you. 


Now we’re 100% ready to start the day! Rise and Shine!!


Love & Coffee




Whimsy Wishlist Wednesday: Modcloth Edition

So, I’ve been a ModCloth shopper for a few years now. It’s a great site to find cutesy, vintage inspired items, and really unique pieces! They have everything from clothing, to kitchenware, to bath towels! For our Whimsy Wishlist Wednesday, I decided I’d just dedicate my whole wish list to Modcloth this time around, seeing as I’m obsessed lately!

Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’ for these beauties right here!

  1. Unknown 2. Unknown-1

3. Unknown-2 4. Unknown-3

5. 6d00afa5895bbe2341722065f036a860 6. Unknown-4

A cute little black wedge, a boho party dress, disco string lights, graphic tees, a bacon & eggs mug (anyone else think of Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec?!), and a cute little pop-of-color bag!

Just a snippet of the variety they have to offer!

Shop these items below:

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Keep on wishin’.


Goin’ Home: Nashville, Tennessee

Hey, y’all (super appropriate with this post, am I right?!)!

Last week, Ty and I got to visit our hometown, Nashville, for the first time since moving away to L.A. I was maid of honor in one of my best friend’s, Miranda’s, wedding, and we were able to turn it into a whole trip–see our families and homes, eat a LOT, and do all the fun wedding things!





















Just a few snapshots from our trip!

*****Wedding portraits by Andrew Allen Morton Photography!

They’re a dream, right?! Check him out, and look at the rest of this beautiful couple’s photos here!

Also, visit Nashville. I am absolutely smitten with L.A., and Tyler and I will probably never move away, but Nashville. It’s got a lot of love, y’all.

Let’s keep it real southern.

Biscuits & Blessin’s. 😉


Girly Garb: Silverlake Edition


Magical rainbow staircases, deliciously hip coffee shops, solid color walls (my personal fave and photography hack ;), wonderful vintage shops, and quirky, creative everything…… that is Silverlake. Aka hipster mecca. This is our favorite place to escape to…and dream about owning a house!



[Cort’s wearing: shirt- thrifted, scarf- forever 21 (similar style here), jeans- h&m]

[Jen’s wearing: shirt- free people, necklace- (old, but this is cute too!), leggings- american apparel)


Cort and I were way too into our drinks (iced chai for her, herbal tea for me), that I almost forgot to get a snap of it! Because…did you really visit a coffee shop if you didn’t document it? Intelligentsia is no joke. Seriously go if you get a chance!!


I’m SUCH a sucker for record stores. Something about the old, simpler way of life is so attractive to me. I’m constantly growing my record collection, and absolutely have to stop in every vinyl store I come across. It makes me happy just going in and thumbing through the old, smelly records. ❤


This may be my favorite street art so far. I mean, how lovely is this?! It’s pretty to look at, and makes you think about the person you love most. Isn’t love wonderful? 🙂

I strongly encourage you to go out and find something new about your city. Explore a part of it that you’ve never been before…or revisit your favorite place and discover something new about it. Life is as colorful and beautiful as you make it. Why not live in a rainbow?!

Love & laughter,


L.A. is for hiking// Coldwater Canyon Edition.


Okay, y’all.

So, as we’ve said before, we definitely don’t claim to be a fitness blog. We don’t do cross fit (more power to ya if you do), we don’t run marathons (again, more power to ya), and both of us love a good burger and milkshake on occasion. 😉 But, we do appreciate a healthy lifestyle. Both of us exercise on the reg. Dancing (Jenna does it professionally, I just do it after I’ve had wine), yoga, running, and one of our absolute favorite ways to work up a good sweat is hiking. I’d say we formed a lot of our friendship through hiking various trails around L.A. We try to do it at least once a week, together or separate. It’s cathartic, and you just get to marvel that you live in one of the biggest/coolest cities in the world.

One of our favorite hikes is Coldwater Canyon in the Valley. I regularly hike this trail with my husband, Ty and my pup, Lily, too!


It’s about a 3.5-4 mile-ish loop (depending on how many of the side trails you take) that winds through mountains and gorgeous neighborhoods. It’s usually pretty quiet and calm and we love to use this time to just reconnect—play with our pup, catch up on each other’s weeks, how work is going, how much we’d love to live in one of these gorgeous houses, so on and so forth.


I mean, really, talk about some serious home/yard envy!

It’s a lot of up hill hiking, so be prepared to sweat! Especially since it’s seriously always sunny here, but you feel so good afterwards! Again, one of my favorite ways to get into nature and unwind.

IMG_5542 IMG_5546

(And as Jenna says every time we hike, “HOW is the sky so blue?!”) You really do get some gorgeous views of the city (mostly the valley) from this trail.


IMG_5554Proves my point, right? 😉

So, get outside! Try it out. Go with someone you love, or just like a little bit (pets count too!). Take advantage of where you live. And then maaaaybe reward yourself with Poquito Mas or something afterwards.

Alright, that’s my encouraging message for the week.

IMG_5562 IMG_5558

Lily promises you won’t regret it! ❤



On Trend: Enamel Pins

Okay, y’all. Let’s just take a second to talk about those adorable pins you see everyone wearing on their jackets/shirts/bags/etc. Enamel pins–holy so much loveeeeee! They’re a cute, flouncy addition to any outfit, and are also sometimes really hilarious (Kanye West & Kim Kardashian are now enamel pins…nuff said).

Pin_Kim_web Pin_Kanye_web

Hilarious, right?!

And they’re also SUPER trendy right now. Literally, around every corner in L.A. Jen & I both work in Beverly Hills, and I could probably buy a house in Beverly Hills if I had a dollar for every girl (and the occasional guy) I’ve seen sporting these adorable things.

So, we just thought we’d take a minute to show you some of our fave enamel pins (and regular pins)! Hop on trend!

You guys have probably heard of ban.do. If not, visit their website this second. They have a huge variety of the most adorable items (all of which I feel like I really need to own), and run promotions all the time if you sign up to be a member of the #girlgang! First two favorite sets of pins are from their website:


The first set is from their Flair Pack- FUN, and the second set is the Flair Pack-OMG. And they’re only $10 each! Worth it? Um, there’s a french fry pin. Yes, absolutely.

Another one of my favorites is this donut pin designed by FeltGoodCo on Etsy!


I’m donut obsessed. Like, literally. I wish I could become a rewards member at Krispy Kreme. So, I’d wear this one every day.

Another fave is this vintage telephone pin by Little Arrow Studio (another site that repeatedly calls to my wallet because her stuff is so irresistibly cute). You could absolutely wear this to work, even if you worked in a more formal office. Cute & professional. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Since these babies are so trendy right now, you have a ton of options to choose from. Google what you want, and you’ll most likely find it one place or another. Jump on the bandwagon and start pinning (literally!).

Shop a few more of our favorites from:

Georgia Perry (designer of Kim & Kanye)

Egg_W Lips_W Lipstick_W


il_170x135.812702955_2u4i il_170x135.842014770_2d3o il_170x135.847492887_8830

Little Arrow Studio

gifts-happy-pins-blackkitty-pin-1_1024x1024_da1140cb-7746-4380-b336-73e70a989e5d_grande gifts-happy-pins-heart-sunnies-lapel-pin-1_1024x1024_d8d0206e-585a-4851-81a1-71dbb6af766e_grande

Peace & Pins,


Banana Ice Cream!

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.43.36 PM

Who else finds that ice cream is the one thing that you just can’t go without? Can I get an amen up in here?? As many diets as I’ve tried (and trust, I’ve tried my fair share), I always want ice cream. Which is dangerous, cause I’m an “eat the whole damn pint” kind of gal. So when I found out that you can literally turn frozen bananas into ice cream, homegirl rejoiced! Guilt-free ice cream! Let’s get into it.

I found the original version of this recipes from Blogilates here. (Side note, I heart Cassey and Blogilates. She’s super bubbly and makes pilates and clean eating fun and easy!)

All you need is:

  • a food processor or high powered blender (I use a Vitamix)
  • two overripe bananas
  • a dash (or two) of cinnamon
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk or whatever milk you use! (Shhhh, don’t tell, but sometimes I use my french vanilla coffee creamer instead. #sorrynotsorry)

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.43.06 PM

That’s it! And honestly, beyond the bananas, everything else is basically a suggestion. You could use peanut butter, honey, Nutella…the options are endless! This is just my favorite recipe. 🙂

Okay enough blabbing. It’s ice cream time.

Cut your overripe bananas into coins and freeze them. Once frozen, place all ingredients in blender. Blend at a slow speed, then slowly increase the speed until completely smooth. You may need a little more milk if you find it gets stuck.

And there ya have it! Yummy, healthy banana ice cream.

Now to cozy up on the couch with a blanket and a 30 Rock marathon on Netflix. Good night, world.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 8.46.07 PM

Love & Endless Ice Cream